Always a great read.
MarketSmith 3/28/14
Kevin Marder is one of the most dedicated professionals in the market today. His experience in trading over 30 years and his insights into many different markets can help any investor make better investment decisions. I read anything Kevin writes about the markets!
David Ryan, Market Wizard and three-time winner of the U.S. Investing Championship
If you are not following my friend Kevin Marder, you should. He has many years of experience and shares sharp and accurate market analysis.
Mark Minervini, Market Wizard and two-time winner of the U.S. Investing Championship
I have learned a lot from you.
Oliver Kell, Winner of the 2020 U.S. Investing Championship
Really like the work you have done with your [trading system] stats.
Linda Raschke, Market Wizard
Wow, means a lot you quoting me, Kevin! Long time fan!
Kristjan Kullamagi, legendary Swedish trader
I love these reports! Keep them coming!
Ashaneen Monroe

I enjoy reading your commentaries because they give sanity to reading of the markets! Kevin, I love this service! Video comments are so, so nice, well worth the subscription price!

You are offering everything I have ever wanted from investment advisors. I’ve had professional investing advisors. I’ve subscribed to numerous investing newsletters. And they were all lacking something major. I’ve given up on all of them. But I kept following you, I think, for over 10 years, and always appreciated your frankness, knowledge, experience and realness. Your method is workable! It is something I can DO, and that is so important. You are truly interested in your followers to be successful.

Keiko Macaire
Thanks for all your insights on the nature of the markets. I have learned a lot from your writings.
Jeff Cooper
You have been superb on all the [market] deterioration, sir.
Gary Kaltbaum, Fox News Business contributor
Thank you for the teaching and insight you provide. Something about your teaching style that just clicks. Your MarketWatch columns keep things current and fresh while demonstrating how to think through the analysis and application of an intermediate term system. Learn something every time. Always appreciated. Thanks again.
J. Tanner

Kevin, I just want to say thanks for your efforts and communication – this is more than I expected when I signed up. I’ve tried other investment services and was always disappointed, but not with yours. The extra videos have been especially interesting and informative. I also appreciate the emails that you have responded to in the past – unexpected, but highly appreciated.

I don’t need glitzy gimmicks or rah rah ‘be a champion trader’ or the such. I just need some guidance, insights, training, and a down to earth approach. Also, thanks for the focus list you started today with tab 2. You were dead on…I’d take notes, and transfer them all to my charting software to track. You’re saving me time. Keep it coming.

Jeff G.

Thanks so much for all you do! I really enjoyed reading the Q&A section in tonight’s report, that information is priceless. I frequently second guess myself or become conflicted and seeing your responses helps to validate things I am experiencing and provide direction. I am finding your reports to be as valuable as MarketSmith! Today all I need is MarketSmith, and Marder Report to confirm what I see in MarketSmith is valid.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the pullback buys mentioned recently and that style meshes well with my trading personality. I have been pleased with the service since inception and I am excited to see how it is evolving.

Blake Kilpatrick
I love your subscription service. No hype style, focus on best stocks and set-ups, trimming video lengths. You’re killin’ it.
D.G. Robertson
Your service is something you should be very proud of, you are just the same person and same consistent trader that I knew back in the day. I appreciate your candid conversation on the videos and I love that you still go through your charts one by one on your watch list as you taught me to do and won’t do it any other way! So very glad to be in your service. Thanks so much!
Janet Davis
Thank you for the great service you provide. I enjoy your reports and videos, and really appreciate your perspective on the market in general, as well as some of the stocks we are stalking.
Mike Lenahan
Thanks for all your hard work. Really glad you started the service. Getting a lot out of the service. Really enjoy the videos. Very helpful.
Chuck Gall
Absolutely love the report, please keep up the good work.
Jeff Tippey

Thank you for your great service. I have already learned a lot in a short time period. I know your reputation, and it is clear that your intentions to teach and help are genuine. You have provided much more than I initially expected, and at a price that I consider a tremendous bargain. And, you continue to add features and benefits to the service, most notably the pullback set-ups.

I have been at this trading game for about 10 years, read many books, tried numerous subscription services, tried many strategies. Alas, I think I have finally arrived at a reasonably confident level of proficiency where I feel I can trade with a positive edge and without much anxiety. It truly took me almost 10 years of trial and error, and I believe it is your service that helped me pull it all together.

Calvin Anderson
Thanks a ton for all your help. I love the new service and have followed you for years.
Brian Losey, Carriage Financial

I wanted to thank you for all you do. I know it is a lot of work and I really appreciate your efforts. The new format with the videos is especially instructive. They are excellent. It has made a big difference for me. Thanks! And thank you for your answers to my questions in tonight`s newsletter. Your answers offer the exact insight and knowledge I was hoping to acquire by asking the questions.

It is refreshing in this day and age to have someone like yourself that will share this information in an unbiased, truthful and honest manner that can be trusted. Thanks again!

John Porter
Love the service and the last few weeks have been very fruitful.
Chris Noland

I want to thank you for your service. I’ve been a WON-style trader since 1995 and have been very fortunate to be able to retire early as a result of this style of trading. But to this day I sometimes struggle with patience, and for me that is one of the key things your service helps me with. I have been particularly happy at times in recent months when you’ve basically said “look, there’s not much out there right now; let’s just hold back and wait a bit and see what develops.”

You don’t feel like you have to give us something to “justify” the subscription when you would only be forcing something. Sometimes that’s the single best value you can provide, and that alone is worth the cost to me. So I really appreciate that, and it is consistent with your ethos of providing an honest service.

Matt Walsh
Really enjoying the service.
Clint Farrell
Congratulations for your excellent work and your kind answer to each one of my emails. It’s a pleasure to get a service like yours.
Marcelo Mondionde
You are unique because of the videos, the frequency of your reports/videos and the thoroughness of your analysis. I do really like the idea of a focus list and a watchlist—very helpful.
Nat Robbins
Take my money now! Very excited for your service, long time waiting!
Brian Chang
I love your take on the markets. I am truly enjoying your Marder Reports & Vids. I wish I had you 10 years ago. I would’ve been a Market Wizard by now. Nevertheless, I am glad I have you as my coach and mentor. Finally I have hope of becoming a profitable trader.
Rudy Seenarine

Kevin, I have been reading your Marketwatch column for several years and my growth as a trader is due in no small part to your shared perspective on aspects of the “3M’s”. I had moved beyond most trading letter subscriptions (they provided more noise than help as my understanding grew deeper), but was pleased to see your new service, as I always learn something from you and I happen to really enjoy your writing.

The membership was primarily to get your seasoned view of some of the less discussed fine points of speculation, such as entries, pull-back, staggered buys, reading the tape, and so on. I have so far been gratified to enjoy an increase in consistency of my own trading, as a result of the insights that you share. Thank you.

Andrew Brownson
Kevin, I’ve got to give credit to where credit is due. I’ve been trading for quite a while and have been consistently profitable for a long time. I’m a huge fan of your service as you have a bit different style than me and it has added another dimension to me.
Jeff Stippey
I love the new service! Thanks for being so generous with your macro-market wisdom and specific stock insights.
Wilfrid Rumble
Love the new service and especially the videos. Tremendous value and I am learning a lot.
Stephen Baroldy
Really enjoying all the improvements you’ve made in the report and videos and especially find the focus list helpful. Thanks!
Erik Stromholt
Your service is worth 2x what you are charging.
Chris Simpson
Have found your service very helpful, Kevin.
Vance Robideaux
Very pleased with your service so far!
Christoph Klar
I have been following you for about 15 years. Currently I am your subscriber and greatly appreciate your content, thank you!
Bartosz Tuczynski
The video update last night was the best yet! I really enjoyed the in-depth discussion and education around methods vs. just analyzing the charts.
Steve Turley
A few months ago I signed up for the Marder Report service and I want to recommend it. After failing on my own, I went with a counseling service and got it right. The method that is proposed – breakout – I like and Kevin explains it phenomenally.
Pepe Mathews
I feel that I’m headed in the right direction thanks to the valuable information you provide in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. I truly appreciate the time and effort that you put into the service provided.
Layne Oishi
I appreciate the work you do and am finding significant value in your report!
Jonathan Whitcraft
Mr Marder – Thank you for the service. I find it extremely informative and am appreciative of all your time and dedication to it.
Andrew Wellman
Really enjoy the service and I appreciate your approach to trading.
Doug McCune
Love the service, very educational for me. I like the discipline you show especially on no FOMO and also cutting losses.
Nagaraj Shyam
Been a subscriber from the beginning and am enjoying your viewpoint and wisdoms.
John Pocorobba
Thanks for the MarketWatch columns…been reading them for years. Thanks for your ongoing helpful insights & balanced perspective. You give the straight stuff — no b.s., no sell, no ring-around-the-rosy. Actionable info with great insight/foresight and detail. Thank you so much.
Ken Brown
I love following you, and the insight I get is priceless.
Martin Theis, Germany
Many thanks Kevin for the hours you have spent with me on skype explaining through everything. I really appreciate all the work you have put in with me. I think without it I would have by now have probably become one of the statistical failures. Many thanks over this last year for the time, the help and the guidance you have given me. It really is very much appreciated and has kept me going forward when at times I think I may have given up.
Michael Carter, Thailand
I learn a lot from you at MarketWatch before, and Twitter now. You are a best man, you are an Oracle, Prophet.
Peter Liu
I have always enjoyed your pragmatic writing style. Thanks for sharing your thoughts more frequently.
Kier McDonough, Brigos Capital
Great stuff here Kevin, I took some time off that last week and coming back to this is a real boost. Thank you so much that you share your learning path.
Janet Davis
Been reading your reports & posts for a number of years. You guided me to Bill O’Neil which led to IBD and a change from frustrated gambler to trader. Massive thank you for your constant education & honest guidance and your Intermediate-Term Momentum Trading Course.
James Poustie
Great thread Kevin. You and the other posters just provided a master class in #Canslim trading
You are teaching us a lot and I thank you for that. Great to be learning from a master.
Steve Tremmel
I truly enjoy reading your Twitter feed. You seem to embody the ability to turn on a dime mentality necessary for success.
Daniel Karbowitz
Kevin, so much wisdom from you man. Salute!
My Dad always told me if he had listened to you in the 2000s he would’ve avoided losses…good call recently.
Imran Zaman
Kevin, great work, as always. Tremendous knowledge in Kevin’s posts and charts. Worth studying. Admire your work! Keep rocking!
Patrick Walker
Excellent perspective, Kevin.
Mike Cintolo
Really appreciate when experienced investors go to the trouble of posting detailed examples, really helps newbies along. Thank you.
Greg McClendon
Brilliant stuff.
Always love your insight. I appreciate all of your commentary on stocks.
Richard Lewis
Enjoying these bits of information. Thank you.
Patrick Haberny
Appreciate your insight. Thanks much for sharing your knowledge.
Watson Murthy
Great commentary.
Nick Vitani
Very, very insightful.
Robert Quint
You are a shining light in a dark room…love ur commentary – thanks.
Thank you Kevin! I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from you sir! You helped write the book. I always appreciate your thoughts on risk, markets, setups, etc. You truly are someone I admire. You’ve been a really strong influence in my trading!
Thank you for the wisdom. Much appreciated.
Spot on, as always, Kevin.
David Legman
Your input on Twitter is much appreciated.
JJ Kavanagh
Thanks for your expertise.
Ur Twitter feed is excellent. Thanks for everything u share. Have learned tons from u.
Nick Cardona
Your CANSLIM teaching has been great over the years and very helpful. So thanks for all of that great info.
Greg Morton, Leader Greenville Eastside IBD Meetup
Your teaching has been a tremendous influence on me. You’ve helped me to be more confident with my observation of many under-the-hood indicators.
Tu Vu
Great analysis.
Thanks for all your inputs. The WON methodology once again proves its robustness.
Respect your knowledge.
Paul Roehrig
I would like to thank you for all that you have shared throughout all the years that I have been following you, I truly have learned A LOT, and thanks to you I think I have been able to improve as an investor, thank you very much.
Efrain Gonzalez