November 29, 2020

Stocks pressed higher on Friday, as the historical bias for strength on Wednesday and Friday during Thanksgiving week came to pass.

The Russell 2000 index of small stocks is up 20%+ month-to-date, and is on the road to besting its previous monthly high of 15%. The Focus List, meanwhile, has jumped from six names to 21.

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Q: I am a fan and subscriber of your service.  Your "focus list and triggered trades" have worked out well for me in the past.  Wanted to check if you have time to look at UBER stock. I think it is forming a handle and will move higher in the coming weeks/months. BTW, UBER is not on your watch list at the moment.

A: I am happy to hear that the service is a good fit for your investment program. UBER is extended from its recent support area in the 38-42 area. Hence, it is unattractive technically at this time. I highly recommend reading How To Make Money In Stocks by O'Neil if you have not read it already. It emphasizes the importance of bases.

Subscriber: Thank you again for such an invaluable service. Your dedication to assisting your members is always obvious in the multiple tools you provide. I manage our company’s Profit Sharing Account. Since becoming a member of The Marder Report two years ago, I have weathered the market fluctuations and have been on the up side thanks to the Focus List and the Marder Reports. Your videos are so helpful too Kevin!!! Helps train the eye on good setups! One of  the latest stocks I added right from the Focus List is PLTR. Now all I need to do is manage it smartly! So thank you and I look forward to your knowledgeable  support in the year to come. 

KM: Thanks so much for sharing this with me. It is good to hear that the service is a good fit for your investment plan and that you were able to take PLTR. With my warm regards and best wishes for this holiday season.

Kevin Marder

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