June 29, 2022

Tuesday's sharp comedown in the averages reflects a market still in the throes of discounting an economic slowdown/recession.

Over in the bond market, the widely-watched spread between the yield on 2s and 10s has flattened to only 4 basis points from about 10 last week. A flat yield curve is indicative of a market looking for slower growth into '23.

The breakdown in cyclical stocks, especially commodity cyclicals, also reflects a view among market participants that a recession is around the corner. Why else would cyclicals be sold while defensive sectors like consumer staples and healthcare show relative strength?

Within the growth stock complex, outside of a few EVs, solars, and biotechs, not much is stirring to the point where it becomes attractive. This is important from a market health standpoint. The speculative sentiment, which showed signs of at least being on a light simmer last week, has flickered out.

We have been speaking about Li Auto (LI) as the best actor in the $13+ market, and one in which we would monitor for a possible pullback entry. Today, the stock neatly touched the 9 ema and bounced to close well. For two reasons, we will pass on Li at this juncture despite its handsome pullback:

1) the stock is too strong (read: extended) to allow for an attractive reward-risk ratio, and 2) Tuesday's market decline now has the averages facing a headwind. Click to zoom in.

In summation, Tuesday's comedown was important, as it turned the trend from up to down. While it is possible this is merely a two-bar pullback in a new up trend, the action in leading stocks does not support this thesis. Let's sit tight for now and make sure we are protecting precious capital.

Kevin Marder

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