January 19, 2020

Today’s report is a departure from the standard format. It consists of a Comprehensive Watch List Review video of all 78 names on the Watch List. You will see everything: winners, stop-outs, and misses. It will be viewable later this evening and you will receive a notification email. This type of comprehensive review was last done May 16, 2019.

For those who are time-constrained, the seven names that would comprise the standard Sunday report are discussed at the beginning of the video. These issues are also listed below, with estimated earnings dates. The first four names below were covered in the Wednesday report and the last three (boldfaced) are additions since then.

Anaplan (PLAN)                     60.36          Feb 20 (unconfirmed)
Enphase (ENPH)                     32.37          Feb 25 (unconfirmed)
Novocure (NVCR)                   94.14          Feb 27 (confirmed)
XP (XP)                                   40.50          Jan 28 (unconfirmed)
Cyberark Software (CYBR)    141.47        Feb 12 (confirmed)
Datadog (DDOG)                    41.78          Feb 11 (unconfirmed)
Horizon Therapeutics (HZNP) 38.78          Feb 5 (unconfirmed)

In all videos, a 6% decline from entry is considered a stop-out. Obviously, if 7% or 8% was used, it would produce more winning trades. However, I purposely chose 6%, as I believe it is a conservative figure in light of the fact that some of you are using the 7% or 8% level. A buy idea is considered at least a break-even if price moves 8% from entry, as that is a reasonable place to move one's stop to entry.

Kevin Marder

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