February 12, 2019: Video

To All Subscribers:

I produced a fast-paced, two-minute video consisting of 20 charts showing buy alerts issued to subscribers during this bull market via the reports, videos, and private blog. The charts included here are those trading closest to their 52-wk high (you can see how the table is sorted by "% Off High"). Most of these charts show arrows indicating the levels at which buy alerts were issued to subscribers. Several don’t, and that is because these were not the subject of buy alerts.

There were other buy alerts issued besides the ones in this video, but these were not ranked in the Top 20 ranking by “% Off High.” There are no losing trades in this video, but of course losing trades are part of trading. It is also possible some of these trades eventually become losing trades. The hope is that something can be learned by reviewing these charts, particularly what separates the better performers from the others.

To view the video, please click here.

For premium subscribers, the regular evening video will still be forthcoming.