August 30, 2020

Stocks lifted last week as continued progress was made by the big five Nasdaq bellwethers despite late-summer lackluster volume. More than anything else, the market is a story of a select few mega-cap technology issues, as immune to the pandemic as they are, tugging the averages higher.

Nearly every day following the 6 p.m. ET open of the overnight futures session, the indices are bid higher as the unprecedented central bank money creation finds a home.

Otherwise, as the averages move higher, most growth stocks remain extended as they form three-week consolidations. Most of the true dynamic leaders broke out of bases earlier in this five-month bull market.

Given the thin menu of pattern setups and the seasonal dry-up in volume, fresh-money buys are not expected to provide an attractive reward-to-risk ratio. This may change following the Labor Day holiday a week from tomorrow as vacationing participants return to their desks. Moreover, it may take a pullback in the averages to provide more actionable ideas. This is often the case, as it was twice in '19, when the growth-stock leadership is resting or is otherwise not providing much to chew on.

As mentioned recently, I have found such periods of reduced opportunity a good time to suspend new buys as opposed to taking the few setups that trigger. This is not to imply cash is king: Holdings that act well should be managed as usual. The following three names are discussed for those who seek to be active in this market.

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Dynatrace (DT)

Pan American Silver (PAAS)

Pinduoduo (PDD)

In sum, this is a go-slow market with respect to fresh-money buys. Let's be patient and understand that we are still in the early innings of a bull market, per historic norms.

Kevin Marder

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